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IOT Course Content

Introduction to IOT :

  • What is Internet of Things?
  • How IoT Works?
  • Current Status & Future Prospect of IoT
  • Knowledge Management – From Data to Wisdom
  • The Future of IoT
  • The Potential of IoT
  • Few Applications of IoT
  • Technological Challenges of IoT
  • Criticisms & Controversies of IoT

Introduction to Raspberry Pi :

  • Different Models of Raspberry Pi
  • Why Raspberry Pi
  • Peripherals of Raspberry Pi.
  • Applications of Raspberry Pi.
  • Future of Micro Computing
  • Hands-On Session on IOT using Raspberry Pi Projects
  •  Learn the basics of Internet of Things and its applications
  •  Build your computer using Raspberry Pi platform
  • Setup IoT connectivity using a remote desktop

Preparing Your Raspberry Pi for First Use

  • Different Operating Systems for Raspberry pi
  • Getting Started With NOOBS
  • Getting things ready for first use.
  • NOOBS OS inside out.
  • Booting for the First time.

Setting Up Pi to be Accessed Remotely:

  • Remote Computing Basics
  • Connecting Raspberry Pi to a Remote Access Client.
  • Using Raspberry Pi Remotely.
  • Access Raspberry Pi Remotely by using Putty SSH and VNC

Basics of Python Programming:

  •  Making a Hello World Python Script
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • IF-Else structure
  • Using inbuilt functions
  • Concept of oops
  • User defined functions

LIVE Projects Covered:

  • LED Running Lights
  • Buttons Interfacing
  • Buzzer Interfacing
  • 7-Segment display Interfacing
  • RGB LED Interfacing.
  •  Motor Interfacing.
  •  UART interfacing.
  • TTL Level converter interfacing for Other
  • Controller’s Interface.
  • Suggested Projects
  • Problem Solving
  •  Troubleshooting
  • IoT based Web Controlled Home Automation
  • using Raspberry Pi
  • DIY Web Controlled Raspberry Pi Surveillance Robotic Car
  • IoT Raspberry Pi Smart Container with Email Alert and Web Monitoring
  • Raspberry Pi Surveillance Camera with Motion Capture
  • Heart Beat Monitoring over Internet using RaspberryPi and ThingSpeak
  • IOT based Air Pollution Monitoring System using RaspberryPi
  • Raspberry Pi interfacing with Real Time Data base
  • Face Recognition based attendance system live
  • Google self-driving car with camera and globally accessible

Setting Up for a Perfect Pi Experience:

  • Operation Procedures.
  • Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Updating Pi to Latest softwares.
  • Setting various Options and Personalizing.
  • First introduction to the LINUX terminal.
  • Introduction to the Open Source Software Library.
  • The Linux Files Organization Structure.
  • NOOBS Configuration Files
  • Connecting to the Network and Troubleshooting.

Introduction to LINUX Environment, Getting GPIO and Graphics :

  • Operation Procedures.
  • LINUX Shell
  • SHELL Scripting
  • Introduction to various Functions
  • Pin numbering Formats
  • The Voltage hazard Information.
  •  The LED Interfacing
  • The First Button Interface with Raspberry Pi
  •  General information on other pins and their functionality.
  • UART example.
  • Real time sensor monitoring value on particular IP Address/Server
  • GUI Configuration
  • Tkinter and Tk()
  • Install PyQt and Qt Designer
  • Configuration of Bluetooth and Serial communication
  • Firebase Access using HTML and JavaScript (Web Application)
  • GUI for any management system
  • Restaurant billing system online with server access
  • Hosting and deploy your site on live server

Using Raspberry Pi for Applications :

  • Web Browser Experience
  • Mp3 Player
  • Video Player
  • Online Video Streaming
  • Create the website and online hosting

Advanced Python :

  • Reading and writing from file
  • GUI Design with python
  • Button
  • Text field
  • Progress bar
  • Socket access
  • Making standalone app
  • Serial Communication
  • OpenCv Face Recognition
  • Access Email account
  • Twitter API

Client Applications (Mobile, Web and Computer ) :

  •  Home Automation based Android Application 10 Appliances
  •  Firebase Access Using Android Apps


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