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MATLAB is a complete software package for carrying out numerical computations and analyses. It uses blocks of data called matrices (MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory).MATLAB is probably the most commonly used scientific and engineering numerical software. (Other software commonly used are PV-WAVE for processing seismograms and EDL for processing satellite data. They are all converging and looking like each other at the front end even if underneath they work on different principles). It is a bit like a programming language (such as BASIC or C) with thousands of inbuilt function but is easier to use, and in many ways more powerful (MATLAB itself is written in C). It has most popular GUI (Guide) and Simulink library tools.


This program enables students to explore multiple approaches and reach a solution with MATLAB faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages. The course is designed to give students fluency in MATLAB’s popular toolbox.

Learning content:

Introduction to MATLAB

  • Introduction to script, workspace & variable creations
  • Directory structures
  • Basic operations and expressions


  • Introduction to debugging
  •  Examples

 Vector& Data import-export

  • Vector creation
  • Avoid loops
  • Tricks with MATLAB
  • Array subscripts manipulation
  • Logical operation data imports,exports Data handling

Numerical Methods

  • Introduction
  • Signification of Discreet time analysis
  • Differentiation
  • Integration 8

Iterative Simulations

  • Root finding
  • Model fitting
  • Curve fitting


  • Introduction
  • Simulink library
  • Sample models and simulations

Image processing (For computer science, ECE,Electrical)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to image processing
  • Basic operations
  • Resizing, rotation, spatial transformation conversion to gray scale, threshold filtering
  • Blurring and other filtering
  • Detection
  • Line, Edge


  • Array creation
  •  Function of arrays
  •  Stack and Layers
  • Manipulation of dot operations


  • Variables: Introduction to different types of variables
  • Expressions operators Decisions (if-else)
  • Iterations (for loops)


  • Graphics: 2D plots
  • Advances with plots, Decorations
  • More 2D plots
  • Meshes
  • 3D plots

Equation solver

  • Equation in many variables – linear
  • Non-linear equation
  • Differential Equations

 Optimization: Function minimization

  • Introduction to build examples Applications

 Application of MATLAB in various fields

  • Control system
  • Communications
  • Image processing

Simulink Advances

  • Signal processing block set
  • Communication processing block set


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